Serviio DLNA player and my AQUOS TV

How to configure your Serviio software to recognise the Sharp AQUOS TV.

in the serviio software install directory, there is a directory named “config” with 2 files in it. log4j.xml and profiles.xml

step 1) Open the profiles.xml
Step 2) paste the “code” block from this post


Step 3) Restart Serviio

If you did it correctly, you should see this line in the serviio logs:

2011-07-12 16:56:10,535 INFO [ProfilesDefinitionParser] Added profile 'Sharp Aquos' (id=14)

Step 5) Turn off TV, wait 5 minutes
Step 6) delete the TV as a registered device using the serviio GUI.
Step 7) Turn on tv

If all went correctly, you should see the TV register itself with the Aquos profile.

 2011-07-12 17:05:47,850 INFO [RendererManager] Stored a new renderer: uuid='721aac88-42f6-435a-b61f-XXXX', name = 'Sharp Aquos', ipAddress='192.168.X.XX', profile = '14'

Enjoy !