Passwords and secret.

People that are in the IT Business usually have some sort of un-guessable “master” password that they use as answer for all security questions and it can’t be bruteforced. However, normal users did not catch on to this little trick that I will explain below. First of all, A master password is something that should… Continue reading Passwords and secret.

RHEL Satellite 6 Installation & Configuration HOW-TO Part 1

In the following Blog posts I will post tutorials on how to install and configure RHEL Satellite with all the bells and whistles possible. It will include detailed instructions on setting up each component and how to proceed from there. This post assumes a fully functional Red Hat Identity Management stack is present in the… Continue reading RHEL Satellite 6 Installation & Configuration HOW-TO Part 1

Systemd, the ugly.

I have not yet voiced an opinion on Systemd, because it is new and therefore unproven technology. I first had to experience it all and see whats up with this new tool that is supposed to fix all problems of init. 1 word: Crap. It isn’t up to the job. Init still rules my world,… Continue reading Systemd, the ugly.

Openstack and Iscsi

Dear Readers, My own datacenter had to go into ‘dark’ mode, because of imminent maintenance on the power-source. This has led me to shutdown all VM’s on my network, then shut down the openstack compute nodes and finally openstack the physical machine. (in that order). When the openstack nodes bootted again, one isolated test-compute/storage-node named… Continue reading Openstack and Iscsi

What Satellite is still lacking in features that would make it even more excellent.

This post I am going to talk about what RHEL Satellite is still lacking and why that is a big deal. Implementing it would probably mean even heavier specs for the RHEL server thats running satellite, but I still think they would be valuable add-ons for Satellite. Puppet Database (puppetdb). Remote Execution (planned in 6.2)… Continue reading What Satellite is still lacking in features that would make it even more excellent.

Puppet & Satellite , the ENC explained.

Satellite has the capability to make facts available to puppet-clients through its ENC. This process however is not documented well on Satellite’s , nor on Puppets documentation. Take for example a class on the puppet-forge that requires some input for optional couplings: maestrodev/archiva This class has some optional parameters: # # $ldap = { #  … Continue reading Puppet & Satellite , the ENC explained.

TheForeman & Openstack

Quick note to boast about success! Although my business isn’t all that big, I did find enough cash to finally start building up Oliekoets datacenter to a full-fledged private cloud. Considering I have no wish yet to pay licensing fee’s of any kind, I Implemented it all with open-source freely available software. CentOS , Foreman,… Continue reading TheForeman & Openstack