Systemd, the ugly.

I have not yet voiced an opinion on Systemd, because it is new and therefore unproven technology. I first had to experience it all and see whats up with this new tool that is supposed to fix all problems of init.

1 word: Crap. It isn’t up to the job. Init still rules my world, let me explain why.

  • I can’t reboot a host in trouble.

I have no idea who ever thought coupling D-Bus to a system init program is a good idea. But out here in sysadmin land it is the worst decision ever. When I type reboot, I do not expect to see the following:


What I expect, is to see my host performing a reboot, taking emergency-steps if necessary if some things fail. I do not expect to see my reboot canceled and me having to type sys-req keys “reboot even if system utterly broken” , because this is usally a Virtual machine. Virtual machine means I need to echo-command them to the kernel which might or might not succeed.

Link:  Reboot even if system utterly broken