Just a quick note. I bought an Asus O!Play in the store because I needed a new media client/player as the one inside my TV is simply too limited.

The O!play had everything I needed and it supposed to implement nfs shares from the unix/linux world. Its supposed to be based on linux.

Well thats for sure now! The asus box is a simple asus-cooked busybox install with their own app as its only task next to a login shell. The app takes care of everything including a small webserver.

In one word: Fantastic!

telnet >oplay.ip.address , login>root … / # admin access…. Not recommended for new people in the unix world, but how’s that for a DRM-free device.!.!. I already modified the start-script slightly to auto-mount my NFS shares and make them appear under “local storage” 🙂