Datacenter Oliekoets

Just a quick update, to let you all knowing that the private datacenter is now redundant IaaS. The only thing it does not offer (yet) is a redundant network. The main cluster filesystem is spread over 4 hosts on 2 locations, which should improve reliability. Its also reliable to assume, that when you mirror hardware …

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Deleting lost+found is a bad idea

I recently came across an oracle redhat linux server without lost+found. It had been deleted because oracle needs an empty directory on installation. Albeit this is an insane rule, deleting an important system directory is a really bad idea. I will tell you why.

Evaluation order of $PATH variable and why its important to understand.

I recently came across a default SLES installation which has the following $PATH: (truncated for clarity) /sbin:/usr/sbin/:${HOME}/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin/:/usr/local/bin ………. This at first glance appears as a security problem , as a malevolant user can add $HOME/bin/ls and a user can execute a different ls or other arbitrary command that does something totally different. However, changing the …

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So, Just a quick note. I bought an Asus O!Play in the store because I needed a new media client/player as the one inside my TV is simply too limited. The O!play had everything I needed and it supposed to implement nfs shares from the unix/linux world. Its supposed to be based on linux. Well …

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